Fey Game

Welcome to Temora

The party explores the city and deals with a threat.

The next morning the group reached the city. Aziz paid their way in, purchased them rooms, and began to go about selling his merchandise.

At this point, the party split up: Melechior went off on his way, compelled by whatever eldritch purpose guided him in the first place; Trill opted to do some shopping and explore the local taverns; while Gerda, Kerith, and Dagarn attended to getting a message to Arak.

As the local mages were charging quite a bit for the communication rituals that the party wanted, Gerda made the decision to send a message through a young boy who could enchant his pet sugarglider to carry the words.

Meanwhile, Trill began telling stories of their exploits, attracting attention. Of course, the three wyrmlings turned in to a group of great wyrms, which Trill fought single handedly; most of his audience didn’t believe it, but still found in entertaining and kept buying drinks and food for the halfling.

The party met back up, and while they awaited Arak’s return message, they began to do a little side investigation on the nature of the Sun Disk that was stolen from Wheaton.

After confirming the core of Trill’s story, the group went to the temple district. They chatted with the old man who tended to the shrine of Pelor, to collect some minor information about the disk; but they couldn’t work out exactly what it could be used for besides growing wheat. The artifact had been carried by a wise priest, but what it could be made to do was unclear.

Afterwards, they went in to the main temple, partitioned in to three wings. Gerda spent some of her time talking with the priests of Erathis, and the massive clock built in to temple’s altar. Marthan and Tully napped under a sacred tree of Melora, and the druid received a weird vision of a temple north of the lake.

Dagarn and Kerith attended to the small shrine of Bahamut, talking with the aged dragonborn who attended it. They shared tidings from Whitehold, and information about the dragons.

Trill uncovered rumors about a serial killer on the loose, who was attacking women in the slums.

When Arak’s message returned, he recommended caution, but also making friends; to help out however they could, to make the world a little safter and to start attracting the attention of people who could help them.

The group decided the best bet would be to deal with the serial killer. Dagarn enlisted the services of a young harlot, who would be bait.

Unfortunately, the not to stealthy group ended up tipping off the possible serial killer when he arrived, dressed in oversized clothing. The man ran – straight in to Gerda and Trill, who were able to hold him back.

The party swarmed, and the man transformed in to a giant werewolf. Tully and Kerith weren’t slowed down, however, and the man fell after Gerda’s axe took off one of his arms with an attack empowered by holy fire.

The party looted the body, finding some items as well as a key to a place named warehouse 13, which is probably in the warehouse district.

The harlot had run off to get the guards, and came back with them shortly after the fight was over; the party explained the situation, and the local bums and harlot backed up their story.

The party went to turn in, worn out from the fight and the stake out.



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