Fey Game

An Unlikely Band

And so it begins...

Knight-Captain Arak was beginning to show the weariness of having to worry not only about the defense of his fortress city of Whitehold, but also of the growing bandit problems near the town of Crossings. Brigands have been reportedly assailing travelers, farmers, and merchants. Not willing to send out a number of his dragonborn recruits that are still training in defense of the fortress, Arak instead looks to one of his newest commanders, Dagarn Harash, to head a small team of mixed races and talents to investigate the problem and either end it, or or gather more information on it.

The team is comprised of: the massive red-scaled dragornborn Dagarn; the adopted child of Arak, a half-elf paladin named Kerith who is more dragonborn than elf and was tasting her first bit of combat experience; Melechor, a near-human like spellcaster with the ability to pop around when his foes perish; Trill, a halfling with some skill as both a spellcaster and rogue; Gerda, a dwarven cleric; and Marthan, a dwarf who calls on the spirits of nature and is accompanied by his bear companion, Tully.

The group set out and reached the scene of an attack, travelers murdered by blade and mace. Marthan, calling on his nature skills, tracked a small group of the brigands east, where the group happened upon several of the bandits waiting to receive a signal for more travelers on the road. The group went to work, dispatching two of the bandit leaders and three minions, as well as a drake pet. Not wanting to add to the massacre, Dagarn allows two of the bandits to leave, without their weapons, while a third had dropped his weapon and ran.

After looking through the bodies, the group finds a leather pouch around the neck of one of the leaders. In it is 50 gp and a note that reads:

“Be sure to bring anything of value back to the stash. The Collector is coming to take the best loot back to the boss, and we want to make sure we make a good showing. You all are new, so its best to get in good early. Take the road east of Crossings for about three miles, until you get to a stream, and then follow it up to the waterfall cave.”

A bag on the ground that contained some items that had been stolen from the dead travelers also contained two pouches of healing herbs, that can be consumed like a potion of cure light wounds; 35 gp, 50 sp; a wine skin, filled with some kind of red wine; and a trio of rosy apples. There is also a simple map of the area, like what a traveler might have.

Deciding to follow the instructions on the map and investigate the “stash,” the group continues to head east through the Aeli forest to cut some time.

However, they stumble upon a group of three goblins as well as three drake pets. The group works through this problem with relative ease, though Dagarn’s propensity to want to be at the front of the battle causes him some pain (and his healers).

At last the group comes to the stream mentioned in the note, but exhaustion is beginning to set in. They begin following the stream up, but run into a group of drakes that are hunting the party. They finish off five of the beasts, but with night upon them and the group quite tired, the decision loomed as to whether the group should make camp at a bridge to recouperate from the day’s battles.

Total Cash:
85 gp, 50 sp. Total Per Player: 14 gp, 8 sp. Leftover: 1 gp, 2 sp.

Total XP Per Player:

- By MattG



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