Fey Game

Three Wyrmlings and a Thief...

A battle with dragons.

Three Wyrmlings and a Thief…

The party broke in to formation; Aziz was shoved under his wagon, and the party got ready to fight whatever was making the noise…

When Melechor stumbled out of the woods, they were confused (and maybe, so was he?); obviously he was not the source of the noise, and the extra sword (or in this case, spell) arm was welcome.

Finally, the source broke through; not through the trees, but above them. A trio of bear-sized young green wyrmlings were coming, summoned by the horn, they tore on to the round and surrounded the party.

The fight was bloody; the wyrmlings had a poison breath, and even their saliva burned with poison; Dagarn ended up getting knocked out, although Gerda picked him back up. Trill showed that not even a dragon was safe from his lightning.

One of them was able to escape, although Trill tried to shoot it down; Dagarn was able to climb up the wagon and leap off, colliding in to the wyrmling and dragging it down where Trill could finish it off. Tully the bear held down the last, while the party cut it apart.

After the fight, the party decided to go east with Aziz; they knew that the green dragons were supporting the bandits, and Marthan began to think that maybe the different dragons in the area were working together. Mayor Bart, of Crossings, was also determined to be in on the scheme; his crooked guards were serving the bandits, and Trill and Dagarn pooled information to come to the conclusion that the bandits, before they were this big, must have sponsored Bart becoming mayor.

Not sure they could handle a confrontation with the guards and the crooked mayor, they butchered the dragons for magical reagents and items, and then headed east with Aziz. The idea being that they would seek out someone who could use a ritual to get information to Arak, and after that follow their commander’s orders.

They rested that evening in the town of Wheaton. Famous for its wheat and crops, there was a recent murder of the town’s high priest of Pelor. The party was also informed that the murderer had stolen the Sun’s Disk, a magical artifact that was the source of the towns fertility (cutting off the need for the farmers to pray to the primal spirits of the land around them).

While the party felt for the town’s plight, they thought their own situation more severe; with the intention of assisting later if Arak allowed it, they camped outside of town with Aziz.



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