Fey Game

An Unlikely Band
And so it begins...

Knight-Captain Arak was beginning to show the weariness of having to worry not only about the defense of his fortress city of Whitehold, but also of the growing bandit problems near the town of Crossings. Brigands have been reportedly assailing travelers, farmers, and merchants. Not willing to send out a number of his dragonborn recruits that are still training in defense of the fortress, Arak instead looks to one of his newest commanders, Dagarn Harash, to head a small team of mixed races and talents to investigate the problem and either end it, or or gather more information on it.

The team is comprised of: the massive red-scaled dragornborn Dagarn; the adopted child of Arak, a half-elf paladin named Kerith who is more dragonborn than elf and was tasting her first bit of combat experience; Melechor, a near-human like spellcaster with the ability to pop around when his foes perish; Trill, a halfling with some skill as both a spellcaster and rogue; Gerda, a dwarven cleric; and Marthan, a dwarf who calls on the spirits of nature and is accompanied by his bear companion, Tully.

The group set out and reached the scene of an attack, travelers murdered by blade and mace. Marthan, calling on his nature skills, tracked a small group of the brigands east, where the group happened upon several of the bandits waiting to receive a signal for more travelers on the road. The group went to work, dispatching two of the bandit leaders and three minions, as well as a drake pet. Not wanting to add to the massacre, Dagarn allows two of the bandits to leave, without their weapons, while a third had dropped his weapon and ran.

After looking through the bodies, the group finds a leather pouch around the neck of one of the leaders. In it is 50 gp and a note that reads:

“Be sure to bring anything of value back to the stash. The Collector is coming to take the best loot back to the boss, and we want to make sure we make a good showing. You all are new, so its best to get in good early. Take the road east of Crossings for about three miles, until you get to a stream, and then follow it up to the waterfall cave.”

A bag on the ground that contained some items that had been stolen from the dead travelers also contained two pouches of healing herbs, that can be consumed like a potion of cure light wounds; 35 gp, 50 sp; a wine skin, filled with some kind of red wine; and a trio of rosy apples. There is also a simple map of the area, like what a traveler might have.

Deciding to follow the instructions on the map and investigate the “stash,” the group continues to head east through the Aeli forest to cut some time.

However, they stumble upon a group of three goblins as well as three drake pets. The group works through this problem with relative ease, though Dagarn’s propensity to want to be at the front of the battle causes him some pain (and his healers).

At last the group comes to the stream mentioned in the note, but exhaustion is beginning to set in. They begin following the stream up, but run into a group of drakes that are hunting the party. They finish off five of the beasts, but with night upon them and the group quite tired, the decision loomed as to whether the group should make camp at a bridge to recouperate from the day’s battles.

Total Cash:
85 gp, 50 sp. Total Per Player: 14 gp, 8 sp. Leftover: 1 gp, 2 sp.

Total XP Per Player:

- By MattG

Captive at the Waterfall
Dagarn leads the party against the greenscarf bandits

The party briefly broke in to two groups. Dagarn and Mathan went ahead to scout and try to come up with a tactical plan; the rest stayed behind to rest.

A group of bandits, apparently wanting to make it to the base to drop off their booty, came across the party. Words were traded, and the bandits asked for protection money; the groups refusal took a bloody turn.

Scouted and reunited again, the party set out to the waterfall camp. There, they found the base, guarded by two chained drakes, two archers, and a heavier armored woman with a bastard sword.

Trill silenced the archers, but the true threat was the woman, who had a magical horn that alerted everyone to the circumstances. She blew it, and fled within the waterfall.

The party had to fight against the terrain, and move around the trained drakes. As the bandits roused themselves, those that were already awake, most notibly the yet-unnamed bandit leader, and a massive dragonborn named Karush, came immediately to the front.

As the party got in to position, so did the bandits; their leader, showing no small military training (perhaps suggesting a background prior to being a bandit?) had the archers draw, and fire, while Karush prepared to swing his massive, five headed flail.

Dagarn leapt through the waterfall, ahead of the group; the arrows, and Karush, brought him down.

The bandits called for surrender; the party rallied, although this gave the enemy time to recover as well. Kerith and Gerda plunged through the cold curtain of water, only to find themselves outnumered. They fought well, and when Marthan and Tully broke through the water barrier, it looked as though their fate might change; Marthan was able to injure the leader, and Tully protected him from many arrows, although the bear was hurt in no small way.

But Karush breathed out a noxious poison, dropping the women-warriors, and the leader was able to duel with Marthan. Marthan was going to be overwhelmed, when Melechor broke through.

Calling upon a power best left unexplored, the brand on the warlock’s body burst forth with rank fire; in addition to throwing down many of the bandits, the power knocked Marthan out.

Surrounded, outnumbered, with all of his friends down, Melechor surrendered.

Cunning Trill, though, was able to sneak away, taking a journey back to Whitehold to let Arak know of the fate of his foster-father, captain, and hirelings.

The party was taken captive; Tully, injured and seeming dead, was tossed in to the woods, while the bandits buried their men nearby.

The party was interrogated, although the specifics of each story belong to them to tell.

Plottings at Crossings
In which the party discovers a conspiracy.

Arak and Trill, leading a fighting force of dragonborn, crashed through the Wyrmood; Arak’s frostbrand sword and ice breath carved the way, and Trill’s cunning lead them to the bandit camp in time to find the rest of the band.

Outside of the cave, they found a very angry Tully, who took command of the attack and charged in. Following after, Arak and his group tore in to the guards.

Kerith was able to break free, knocking out one of the guards before reuniting with her foster father; Tully and Trill mauled and shocked (respectively) the others to carve their way to dwarves and the captive Dagarn.

While the dragonborn teased Dagarn, and Arak chewed out both his commander and his near daughter, Marthan and Tully reunited, and others searched the complex. While they found beds and food, they didn’t find much in the way of treasure and even less in terms of information; the lead bandits, including the dragonborn, had left, and had either killed Melechor or taken him with them.

Metaphorical tails between their legs, Kerith and Dagarn spent the trip back to Crossings contemplating the many, many flaws that Arak had outlined for them in a booming voice.

That evening at the town, as accommodations were being arranged, Dagarn and Marthan scanned the crowd. There were a great many sellswords about, and a lot more town guard than a village the size of Crossings really needed.

While some of that might be due to the bandits in the region and the political situation to the east, Marthan noticed that some of the sellswords had mud on their boots; as if they had been hiking in the woods.

This observation, as well as the sheer number of blades in the town, caused the party to suspect something was up. As Arak paid out his promised gold to the party (Sans Kerith and Dagarn), they discussed next steps. Gerda was given the task of further investigation, after Arak explained more about how Crossings was a self-governed town, and Whitehold had no jurisdiction past the road.

Part of the conversation centered around Dagarn and Kerith believing that the cult of Tiamat was involved; both Karush and the leader had mocked and attempted to bribe the Whitehold knights, and in doing so tipped their hand.

Incited by this, Arak asked for them to continue investigating, but to make no strong moves that might land them in danger or might cause problems for Whitehold.

The next day, the party went to inform the mayor of the danger in the region. Mayor Bart’s office was busy, leaving Gerda and Marthan to stand in line, while the others hung out and watched business.

Merchants coming in were paying, in addition to taxes, a fee for the guards to escort them to the next town; and some of those guards, from the group’s observations, were the same sellswords from before.

The mayor was busy, so after overhearing the conversation of a tiefling merchant named Aziz who was importing spices from the west, the party made an appointment for the next morning.

On their way out, Marthan noticed (with a 26 perception check!) that one of the guards going with Aziz carried the same type of horn that the bandits had used.

Deciding to follow after the guards to confirm or disprove their growing suspicions, the party left the town going east, at a distance from Aziz.

When the bandits passed an axe stuck in to a nearby tree stump with a green scarf around it, the leader blew the horn. Two of the guards armed with crossbows shot at Aziz, almost felling him.

The party engaged, showing their strengths in out-door combat as they surrounded and overwhelmed the crooked guards; Aziz used desert magic to protect him, but ended up passing out with an arrow in him.

In the aftermath of battle, Gerda went and healed Aziz. Hearing roars in the distance, drawing closer, they hid Aziz under the wagon and took a quick rest, with Trill climbing a tree to watch out for whatever is making that noise.

Three Wyrmlings and a Thief...
A battle with dragons.

Three Wyrmlings and a Thief…

The party broke in to formation; Aziz was shoved under his wagon, and the party got ready to fight whatever was making the noise…

When Melechor stumbled out of the woods, they were confused (and maybe, so was he?); obviously he was not the source of the noise, and the extra sword (or in this case, spell) arm was welcome.

Finally, the source broke through; not through the trees, but above them. A trio of bear-sized young green wyrmlings were coming, summoned by the horn, they tore on to the round and surrounded the party.

The fight was bloody; the wyrmlings had a poison breath, and even their saliva burned with poison; Dagarn ended up getting knocked out, although Gerda picked him back up. Trill showed that not even a dragon was safe from his lightning.

One of them was able to escape, although Trill tried to shoot it down; Dagarn was able to climb up the wagon and leap off, colliding in to the wyrmling and dragging it down where Trill could finish it off. Tully the bear held down the last, while the party cut it apart.

After the fight, the party decided to go east with Aziz; they knew that the green dragons were supporting the bandits, and Marthan began to think that maybe the different dragons in the area were working together. Mayor Bart, of Crossings, was also determined to be in on the scheme; his crooked guards were serving the bandits, and Trill and Dagarn pooled information to come to the conclusion that the bandits, before they were this big, must have sponsored Bart becoming mayor.

Not sure they could handle a confrontation with the guards and the crooked mayor, they butchered the dragons for magical reagents and items, and then headed east with Aziz. The idea being that they would seek out someone who could use a ritual to get information to Arak, and after that follow their commander’s orders.

They rested that evening in the town of Wheaton. Famous for its wheat and crops, there was a recent murder of the town’s high priest of Pelor. The party was also informed that the murderer had stolen the Sun’s Disk, a magical artifact that was the source of the towns fertility (cutting off the need for the farmers to pray to the primal spirits of the land around them).

While the party felt for the town’s plight, they thought their own situation more severe; with the intention of assisting later if Arak allowed it, they camped outside of town with Aziz.

Welcome to Temora
The party explores the city and deals with a threat.

The next morning the group reached the city. Aziz paid their way in, purchased them rooms, and began to go about selling his merchandise.

At this point, the party split up: Melechior went off on his way, compelled by whatever eldritch purpose guided him in the first place; Trill opted to do some shopping and explore the local taverns; while Gerda, Kerith, and Dagarn attended to getting a message to Arak.

As the local mages were charging quite a bit for the communication rituals that the party wanted, Gerda made the decision to send a message through a young boy who could enchant his pet sugarglider to carry the words.

Meanwhile, Trill began telling stories of their exploits, attracting attention. Of course, the three wyrmlings turned in to a group of great wyrms, which Trill fought single handedly; most of his audience didn’t believe it, but still found in entertaining and kept buying drinks and food for the halfling.

The party met back up, and while they awaited Arak’s return message, they began to do a little side investigation on the nature of the Sun Disk that was stolen from Wheaton.

After confirming the core of Trill’s story, the group went to the temple district. They chatted with the old man who tended to the shrine of Pelor, to collect some minor information about the disk; but they couldn’t work out exactly what it could be used for besides growing wheat. The artifact had been carried by a wise priest, but what it could be made to do was unclear.

Afterwards, they went in to the main temple, partitioned in to three wings. Gerda spent some of her time talking with the priests of Erathis, and the massive clock built in to temple’s altar. Marthan and Tully napped under a sacred tree of Melora, and the druid received a weird vision of a temple north of the lake.

Dagarn and Kerith attended to the small shrine of Bahamut, talking with the aged dragonborn who attended it. They shared tidings from Whitehold, and information about the dragons.

Trill uncovered rumors about a serial killer on the loose, who was attacking women in the slums.

When Arak’s message returned, he recommended caution, but also making friends; to help out however they could, to make the world a little safter and to start attracting the attention of people who could help them.

The group decided the best bet would be to deal with the serial killer. Dagarn enlisted the services of a young harlot, who would be bait.

Unfortunately, the not to stealthy group ended up tipping off the possible serial killer when he arrived, dressed in oversized clothing. The man ran – straight in to Gerda and Trill, who were able to hold him back.

The party swarmed, and the man transformed in to a giant werewolf. Tully and Kerith weren’t slowed down, however, and the man fell after Gerda’s axe took off one of his arms with an attack empowered by holy fire.

The party looted the body, finding some items as well as a key to a place named warehouse 13, which is probably in the warehouse district.

The harlot had run off to get the guards, and came back with them shortly after the fight was over; the party explained the situation, and the local bums and harlot backed up their story.

The party went to turn in, worn out from the fight and the stake out.


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